Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Let this not be the end of a Nation

My good friend Mindy Dixon just sent some great words regarding the upcoming election. I would like to share some exerpts:

"We stand on the eve of a defining moment in our country’s existence. This election season offers 2 candidates bearing fundamental differences. We are choosing between excellence and mediocrity. Excellence is defined as the state of excelling or possessing good qualities in high degree. Mediocrity is the ordinariness of something as a consequence of being average and not outstanding. Which do you prefer? I am not insinuating that either candidate’s character is defined either way. I do mean that the policies and philosophies subscribed by each are defined as such. The governing compass of these candidates promotes differing ideologies. Our nation was founded on paramount principles and over time we have lead the world towards freedom and democracy. We should not be working towards blending in with the world, but leading it. Leadership is not always popular or embraced. But men and women of real leadership stand out and up for their convictions and commitments.

Personal Responsibility. The policies of the left offer crutches and band-aids for mistakes and bad judgement. Their desire is to inject government regulation and involvement in every area because their confidence in the American citizen is low and degrading.

Strength. Our military’s purpose is freedom: from England, from slave owners, from Nazis, and now from radical terrorists. We are living in times that require experience and wisdom to command our military. Our situation is too delicate and our position too important to elect someone that has neither experience at boot camp or full support of those that do.

Every one of us has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I do not want it to be taken away under the guise of political correctness, socialization, and redistribution of wealth.

We have about 2 weeks left before this decision is final. Our conversations and convictions can open opportunities to help others understand this is more than a popularity contest. Our future is at risk."

Thanks Mindy. Remember, leadership doesn't mold, it SETS the mold. We must be in the world, but not of it!

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