Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dream Analysis

So, it has been a very strange week in the dream world. And apparently it isn't just me! My friends have been telling me about their weird dreams as well. Is it the food we eat before we go to bed? Is it the stuff we have on our mind come bedtime? Let's explore:

Recently a friend of mind had a whopper of a dream. Let's call her Susie. Susie was on a ship with another friend (let's call her Sassy). Sassy had a newborn baby with her. Sassy and the baby jumped into the water outside the ship. Suddenly a whale (which turned out to be a killer whale) started coming toward Sassy and the baby. Susie meanwhile was screaming to Sassy to throw her the baby. Instead of throwing the baby toward the ship, she threw it on the other side of the ship in the water. Susie jumps out of the ship and starts swimming toward the baby. Meanwhile the whale proceeds to eat Sassy. Before Susie can reach the baby, the whale swims over and eats the baby too.

Now water generally symbolizes the spirit. Since so much drama is going on in the water, we can only assume that their spirits are troubled. It's also interesting that a whale ate Sassy and the baby. A whale generally represents an enormous project at work that is overwhelming. Note that Susie (who had the dream) isn't the one to get eaten by the whale, but rather the people she cares about (Sassy) and the innocent (the baby). Perhaps her current project load is tearing her away from the those she needs to devote her time to. Of course, on the other hand...it could all just be the Mexican food and Tequila she consumed that weekend. :)

Now mine...once again I dreamed that a tooth or teeth is/are falling out of my head. This one happens a lot, always with some twists. In the past, I have had a whole mouthful of teeth fall out while I'm speaking to someone. Gross! Last night was a smidge different. It was only one tooth...and there was a visitor in my dream who I haven't spoken to since I was a sophomore in college. Now of course, dreams about losing teeth generally signify a secret you are holding onto, or bad words spoken against someone (and it's coming back to haunt you). In my case, I have no real secrets, so I can only guess, that I need to start choosing my words and expressing my opinions more discretely and carefully. Given that the visitor in my dream was someone I cared for in the past, but wasn't a friend to when needed most, is most likely meant to remind me that all our actions make a difference. Our words and our actions are our testimony. No matter the circumstance, we must always be mindful of the consequences of this testimony.


Anonymous said...

I'm just wondering why someone would name their child "Sassy". LOL

Maranda said...

Sassy... nice one!

Your new blog makes me think you need to "axe" someone all about this dream :)