Friday, October 17, 2008

The Holiday Season

Just from the title, you're probably thinking...isn't it a little early for a blog of this type?? My point, exactly! Why is it that Halloween somehow ushers in the entire "Holiday Season?"

Halloween is all about dressing up in completely inappropriate clothing and eating candy. From there...we go to Thanksgiving. Traditionally a time of Turkey and Football, where we aren't so concerned about the roots of the holiday, but the modern excuse for stuffing your face and falling asleep in a recliner. Then, there is Christmas...the ultimate holiday meant to honor the birth of our Lord, Savior, and Soon Coming King. However, now it's more about a giant meal and materialism.

It's interesting that ghosts and goblins flow right into snowflakes and age-old jingles. The only thing these three individual holidays have in common is FOOD! Yet, we have found a way to make an entire season out of three unique holidays!

I just hope I can stomach 3 months of Seasonal music, seasonal decorations, and heaven forbid...Seasonal Clothing!

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