Sunday, June 1, 2008


Summer is here! Of course, for someone in the corporate world, this doesn't mean a whole lot. It certainly doesn't mean vacation. Quite the my world it means peak travel season, more people on less flights. This of course equates to fewer standby opportunities, thus probably no vacation for my family. My niece and nephew though are off with Grammy and Poppy to enjoy a summer of road trips and fun. My brother and I used to travel with our grandparents every summer. Those are some of my most wonderful memories. I have to admit that I am just a tad jealous that the mantle has now been passed to the next generation. I certainly enjoy having responsibility and seeing the fruits of my labor...but oh to be 8 years old again. That just might be just what the doctor ordered. I propose we have an 8 year old day once a year. Work could be cancelled for the day and we could instead go swimming, eat hot dogs, set things on fire....oh wait, I think they call that the Fourth of July. Thank goodness...that is right around the corner!

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