Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol - Week 1 Predictions

So, I was not that impressed by last night performances, save 2...

Ricky Braddy and Danny Gokey came to WIN! I have ALWAYS loved Danny from the very start. I must admit however, that I didn't even know who Ricky Braddy was until last night.


Guy - Danny Gokey
Girl - Alexis Grace (I was not all that impressed, but it has to be someone)
3rd - Ricky Braddy
Other Possibilities: Anoop Desai or Ann Marie - although neither are worthy based on last night's performances.

Side notes:
- Tatiana Del Toro is a TOTAL whack-job!
- Paula has already started with the medication
- Casey Carlson's performance of Everything Little Thing [He] Does....made me want to literally vomit because I was so uncomfortable

Brent Keith, Stevie Wright, and Stephen Fowler....what were you thinking??

Results tonight!

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