Tuesday, August 5, 2008


So, as most of you know, I have worked for the American Airlines AAdvantage department for 8 years. I recently left American in search of less stress and more input. You can imagine in a company that employees over 10,000 people, your voice is not often heard. This used to not be the case in the AAdvantage department. We were different. We were sought after. Everyone wanted to join AAdvantage Marketing. Those days are sadly over. No longer did we collaborate with other teams, or come up with innovative promotions. No longer did we set the standard for loyatly programs. We simply went along with flow, responded to other bonus offers, and moved all resources to the airline's bottom line. Expenses...no more! Fees...MORE, MORE, MORE!

Now, I am employeed by AccuConference (a tele/web/video conferencing company). This is the irony:

Where once the message was Fly, Fly, Fly. Now the message is save your money and call into your meetings instead.

Where once the message is "We Know Why You Fly(R)". Now the message is "We know why you don't".

Where once the message was "The fees aren't that bad, it's the wave of the future." Now the message is "We have no fees. This is the wave of the future."

It's quite a different world, for sure. We actually took a vote on something yesterday. The entire office got to have a say. What is THAT about?? That is the future.

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Mindyb said...

Glad things are going well with the new job. Sidebar: Thanks for listening and encouraging me the other day. It isn't easy, but moments like that provide the fuel to keep going.