Thursday, November 1, 2007

Bachelorette Party - Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas...can't always stay in Vegas! :)

So my girls, whom I love, decided to take me to Las Vegas to celebrate my last days of singledom. We had a wonderful time! It's amazing how people treat you when you are with a bunch of girls, in matching shirts and boas, skipping down the strip having fun! Well after a great time at the Tangerine (a club that smells like oranges), we headed toward our next stop (which shall remain nameless). We were skipping across the street, and the next thing I know I go flying toward the pavement. Dear Lord in about some pain. My girls hailed a cab that we all squeezed into and rode half a block to the entrance of our hotel. Then my wonderful friend Lauren had to practically promise her first born to get them to give us a wheelchair to carry my sorry self up to the room...crying and covered in dirt all the way! :) According to the doc I will still be in a boot on the wedding day and through the honeymoon. Why must I be so clumsy!!!!

What happens in Vegas IS staying in Vegas, 'cause that is my last trip! :)

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Lauren said...

I didn't have to give my first born.....just my debit card.