Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Alpha

Last week, I attended a marketing conference that emphasized the importance of social marketing. Jackie Huba, author of Citizen Marketers, was the keynote speaker. She provided great insight into utilizing all avenues to get your message across. Her research suggests that one person with enough passion can make a difference in the world of marketing. We should strive to be "evangelists" of our product, market, or brand. As someone who is in the corporate world of marketing, I was intrigued by the notion that one large voice can have as much, if not more impact than traditional marketing avenues, such as a billboard for example.

One person possessed and passionate can spread a product or brand or idea like wildfire. So, here I am to see if can evoke enough passion and evangelism to spread my thoughts and ideas throughout the world. Who will be listening? I guess time will tell.

What ideas or opinions have you shared that seemed to take hold in the lives of others?

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